Here is a brief description of the classes that we currently offer:

Yoga Fit

Challenge your body to empower your mind. The Yoga Fit class is a combination of various Yoga postures and high-intensity cardio.  It's a great way to have fun, to tone your entire body, and to lose weight.

Yoga Burn

Feel the burn with this slow, intense yoga flow. Whether your goal is to burn fat, move better, or to increase focus, this class will give you the best tools to make it happen.

Hatha Yoga Flow

This class is based on physical postures, deep breathing, mindfulness, and listening to the body.  Emphasis is placed on core strength, balance, concentration, and breath control.

Gentle Hatha Flow

A slower paced flow that is perfect for those who prefer a softer, gentler approach to yoga. Perfect to ease into the day.